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Mealtime Connections is virtually open for business!

We are tech-ready and are grateful to be able to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and dietitian evaluations and interventions for existing and new Mealtime families via telemedicine on our HIPAA-compliant Google Meet Platform.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or inquiries on how to set up an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you, virtually, for now!

Employment Opportunities

Mealtime Connections, LLC is an outpatient pediatric feeding clinic providing occupational, physical and speech therapy services for children with a wide range of developmental abilities with expertise in the area of complex feeding, eating and swallowing deficits. We value the family/caregivers as an integral part of the child's team and the therapist's ability to integrate the family goals and priorities in to their evidence based intervention.

Mealtime Connections, LLC strives to provide this website in a format that is accessible to all users via conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. Please contact us if you encounter accessibility barriers.