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Mealtime Connections is currently providing speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and dietitian evaluations and interventions for existing and new families online via secure Google Meet sessions.

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Marsha Dunn Klein Feeding Fellowship Program

Mealtime Connections offers an 12 month pediatric feeding fellowship program. This program provides post graduate clinical and didactic education for occupational therapists who demonstrate a desire to specialize in pediatrics and feeding. This fellowship provides focused experience and instruction in this unique subspecialty area. It provides extensive and intensive mentored clinical experiences, training opportunities, and a varied client population to create an environment of advanced clinical skill training.

This fellowship program is designed to provide greater depth of knowledge in the area of pediatric feeding, is in line with the American Occupational Therapy Association's feeding, eating, and swallowing Standards of Practice and to prepare the occupational therapist with foundations for application for the AOTA feeding certification.

The Fellowship will begin with emphasis on clinical observation of experienced therapists while encouraging therapeutic observation, documentation, and exposure to a variety of clinical feeding experiences. Fellow will then be encouraged to be more independent with treatment and interventions while completing evaluations together with senior therapist. Ongoing supervision, weekly mentor meetings, bimonthly advanced clinical inservice trainings, and professional development conferences will be provided throughout the 12 month Fellowship. In addition, Fellow will be expected to complete a self appraisal, establish personal goals, complete a clinical observation tracking form, take responsibility for expanded clinical knowledge, accept and integrate professional and clinical feedback.

Applicants of this clinical fellowship program must be a licensed occupational therapist in the State of Arizona, have a passion for pediatric feeding, strong organizational skills, and self motivated. The selection of the applicant will be based on the applicant’s strengths, goals, and areas of interest. Students may contact the program at any time to apply but must be able to obtain licensure prior to starting the Fellowship.

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